Why Dental Implants


Dental Implants are increasingly popular not because they drive a cool car or wear all the most fashionable clothes. Their popularity is not driven by such intangible things.

So why are dental implants so popular they are being placed at a staggering rate of 1 million per year and growing?

Here’s why.

Implants maintain the bone in your face. As we lose our teeth, we also lose the supporting bone around those teeth. Our faces literally collapse from the inside out. Sure a denture does a little to fill that space back out, but dentures also create a subtle motion that causes the accelerated loss of bone over time.

These pictures illustrate the amount of bone loss or destruction that can occur without implants.

Why Dental Implants 1

Why Dental Implants 2


Teeth drift and move around, so if you’re missing a tooth the teeth next to and above or below the space are going to literally fall into that space over time. And, you guessed it, the bone is going to go away little by little in that empty space.

Bridges can replace missing teeth, but they don’t preserve the bone that waste away under the bridge. They also cause the dentist to grind away tooth structure on the adjacent teeth to place the bridge. If you don’t have a tooth to bridge to in the back then you are just out of luck.

Implants can solve a lot of these problems. X-Guide makes them even easier to place. And guess what, sometimes implants will be partially covered in cost by your medical insurance in order to preserve the bone from this “atrophy”.

Here are some images on the X-Guide. 

X-Guide 1

X-Guide 2

X-Guide 3


X-Guide 4

X-Guide 5

X-Guide 6


X-Guide 7


So what is an implant?

Most of the time it’s a 100% titanium post that is placed in your jaw to replace the natural tooth root that was lost. This may not sound fun, but typically having an implant placed with the newest technology like X-guide is easier than have the tooth removed. Most placements don’t require any more than being numbed like getting a filling and require very little recovery time.

Most often the implant has some sort of healing cap placed on it, so you can go about your life while it heals to the bone and awaits a simple impression for a crown. This tooth is now yours and like your old tooth it isn’t attached to other teeth. You can eat normal, floss normal, and pretty much forget about it.

Already have a denture?

Implants too can be used to stabilize your existing dentures with a little bit of modification or you can throw your dentures away and get a whole brand new set of fixed teeth.

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