TMD (TMJ) Masseter Muscle Treatment


What is TMD or TMJ

What is TMD or TMJ

The TMJ is a joint that connects the lower jaw to the rest of your skull. It's a complicated joint that has both sliding and hinged components.

Approximately 80% of the TMD (Temporal Mandibular Disorders), or problems with this joint, are caused by overactive muscles. The tendons and ligaments are often strained by the muscles and pulled out of place causing disc slippage. Once this happens the dentist will often employ bite splints or other devices to help assist these anatomical features back into place or take the strain away for short amounts of time while you sleep. However, botulinum therapy otherwise known in this case as masseter botox injections can do much the same thing but also tackle the problem from the cause versus just treating the symptoms.


Introducing our TMD (TMJ) Masseter Muscle Treatment

As much as 25-35 units can sometimes be used per side to relax this powerful masseter muscle, but often even 10-15 units per side will perform the same function without the increased cost.

Introducing our TMD (TMJ) Masseter Muscle Treatment

The results in our practice have been seen almost immediately to 24 hours, however, it takes a full 2 weeks for the botox to fully set into the muscle. When patients grind their teeth, clench their teeth, chew gum, or just genetically have powerful masseter muscles the face will often take on a squarish appearance. It’s possible to not see this anatomical shape and still have TMJ or teeth grinding problems.

It’s also possible to have the shape without the grinding and teeth issues. Botox or it’s equivalent Dysport or Xeomin can easily and painlessly be injected quickly into the belly of the masseter muscle and have both a cosmetic and therapeutic effect. The cost is very affordable and lasts 3-4 months and even longer if the muscle atrophies enough after one or more treatments.

This treatment is one way to reshape the jawline as well.

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