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Restorative dental crowns are a very common, safe procedure. Dental crowns are often used if a tooth has undergone serious structural decay, and has required root canal therapy or a large filling. Dental crowns cap, cover, and protect your natural tooth, making them a great way to strengthen your tooth, and provide a natural appearance. At Southard Dental, Tulsa dentist Dr. Wrany Southard has years of experience in restorative dentistry, including the placement of restorative crowns.

How Are Restorative Crowns Placed?

Crowns are usually placed in two appointments. During your first appointment, Dr. Southard will numb your tooth, and prepare it by removing damaged or infected material. This appointment may include a root canal, if necessary. Much of the tooth’s enamel will be removed, providing a stable “platform” to which the crown can be bonded. Then, an impression of the tooth is made. Using this impression, Dr. Southard will create a dental crown that fits perfectly with your surrounding teeth, and is shaped to imitate your original tooth. This will be sent to a lab, where a crown will be built out of ceramic or porcelain. Dr. Southard will place a temporary crown to protect your tooth until your next appointment. At your second appointment, your crown will be placed permanently. Dr. Southard will ensure that your crown fits into your mouth perfectly, and bond it into place with an advanced dental adhesive.

Fitting and Placing Crowns

There are many reasons that you might need a restorative crown. Here are a few of the most common reasons:

Fitting and Placing Crowns

  • You need to replace a large filling – Large fillings can actually weaken your tooth’s structure, and are prone to falling out. If your large filling is damaged, you may need to replace it with a dental crown.
  • You need root canal therapy – If you need a root canal, you will require a restorative crown to cap and protect the root of your tooth from further damage and infection.
  • You’re suffering from advanced tooth decay – Even if your tooth decay does not infect the root of your tooth, serious cases of tooth decay that require removal of a lot of enamel usually require a crown, rather than a standard mercury-amalgam filling.
  • Your tooth has been damaged – If your tooth is seriously chipped, cracked, or damaged, a restorative crown is usually the best way to restore it. Most commonly, damaged teeth are caused by impact injuries, or teeth grinding (bruxism). Restorative crowns stabilize your existing tooth structure, and protect your tooth from further damage. Because of this, they’re an appropriate treatment for a wide variety of dental conditions.

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